LUISLead Utilization Information Solution

LUIS is a proprietary CRM platform developed by Advantage Reserve IT Engineers affording us the opportunity to convert your leads into additional revenue. AR estimates that based on the information we have captured from our first contact with the prospective guest we will be able to convert an additional 8 to 10% of leads into actual revenue dollars. We have the demographic information, contact information, and permission from the guest to reach out to them with future promotions, featured discounts, new availability, new offerings, and a myriad of information tailored to each individual property we serve. This state-of-the-art management information solution affords our clients the ability to reach out for another revenue conversion opportunity. Let us explain:

  • We’ve taken a call for a possible reservation
  • We were unable to convert that call despite our best efforts
  • We’ve established a rapport with the caller
  • We’ve gathered demographic, personal preference and follow-up contact information

What do we do with this information? Therein lie our solutions!

LUIS – a la carte

The Revenue Game is one we can always improve on – LUIS has just become your new best friend in the Revenue Game, and the offerings are varied:


After numerous contacts with prospective guests, we have gathered useful demographic information, i.e., names, numbers, emails, and guest preferences that can turn previously underutilized data to work! We can provide this data to you pre-packaged in a variety of ways and formats. Your in-house Sales and Marketing teams can work with it to maximize its revenue potential.

LUIS 2nd Chance Connect

Utilizing the data we have gathered from callers to your property, we can reach out to non-converted guests in an effort to secure the conversion via a second chance phone call. This call has the potential of being converted into direct revenue thereby increasing profits.

LUIS Targeted Marketing

The possibilities are endless! Utilizing the data we have gathered from prospective guests, we directly target these Qualified Leads and extend personalized offers and promotions designed to your specifications. AR’s Direct Marketing team has extensive experience in creating targeted direct contact campaigns emphasizing product availability, property identity, and creativity above all. This offering is limitless and can be customized by AR in conjunction with your Sales and Marketing team.