Outsourcing: Why the fear?

Despite the fact that Advantage Reserve offers higher service levels, faster average speed of answer, and lower abandonment rates at lower costs than in house reservation centers, many hoteliers are still hesitant to their voice services. Why? The biggest fear in outsourcing is the loss of control. Loss of control of quality, interaction with the customer, the financial process, and security.

At Advantage Reserve, top-tier voice reservation services is our core competency. We have the right technology, the right management, the right personnel, and the right attitude. We want our potential clients to know that they will never lose control over over any aspect of operations. In fact, we invite them to come spend a day with us on our call center floor to understand the importance we place on each and every call (and we are right between Fashion Avenue and Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan – so most visitors only come by for an hour then rush out to tour the city!)

If you’re unsure about outsourcing, call us at (212) 989-3684 and let us demonstrate how Advantage Reserve can serve your hotel.