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Central Reservation Services

From diminishing perishable hotel room inventory to turning first-time callers into lifelong guests, Advantage Reserve provides high-quality central reservation services to the hospitality industry. We serve independent hotels and management companies with exceptional customer support in Voice Reservation Services.

Mission Statement

Your Success is Our Goal

Here at Advantage Reserve, our mission is to enhance the service levels, revenues, and profitability of all of our client hotels by offering timely, gracious and informed assistance to potential guests. We are all about providing outstanding conversion of all reservation inquiries.

Our Hospitality Story

Advantage Reserve, LLC, was founded by Robert Wilson, CHA, in 2007 as a high-touch contact center provider exclusively for the hospitality industry. A 40-year veteran of the hotel business, Wilson was opening a 70-room boutique hotel on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue when he was challenged with finding an onshore, full-time reservation and information service at a reasonable price. The service would need to provide a conversant staff with hospitality experience, sophistication, and knowledge of the metropolitan area, but there was nothing quite like that on the market. From there, he set out to design the service himself, and Advantage Reserve was born.

What Makes Us Different

Reservation Sales Agents with Years of Experience
Comprehensive Agent Training | Ever-Present Quality Assurance
Intimate Knowledge of Your Hotel and Local Area
Customizable Solutions to Fit Your Unique Needs

Extensive Voice Operations Reporting

During each guest interaction, our reservations agents are trained to accurately disposition call intent.  This critical activity fuels the detailed reporting Advantage Reserve provides our clients.

The reporting cadence is determined by each hotel client hotel as daily, weekly, or monthly.  The business intelligence content includes:

  • Reservations booked
  • Reservations booked by room type
  • Reservations booked by rate type
  • Conversion percentage
  • Regrets and denials reasoning
  • Call performance statistics (including calls-in by hour of day, talk time, queue time, average speed of answer, dropped calls, and service level percentages)
  • Quality assurance statistics based upon a daily review of random call recordings scored on a percentage basis of objective standards achieved


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